Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Scandal's Kerry Washington and Nigerian NFL Player Nnamdi Asomugha are pregnant

So the rumors were true afterall. Kerry was pregnant during the Emmys and she's about 4 months along now, she told us weekly exclusively. Any guesses at the child's name. I favor Ada for a girl and Nnamdi for a boy :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Online Comment of the Day

So by now, you've probably heard about Senator Ted Cruz's comment stating that the obamacare website was created by Nigerian e-mail scam artist and you've probably also heard that he has now issued an apology also stating in part that his wife spent part of her life in Nigeria and so he couldn't have meant any harm....
Ok he didn't say so he couldn't have meant any harm but you get the gist. It's the good ole I have black friends so I'm not racist bit.
By the way, I'm Nigerian and I was not offended by what he said. I'm not a 419 criminal so it was pretty obvious to me that he was not talking about me when he made the comment. However, quite a few Nigerians were offended and the Senator has now apoligised.

Here's a funny exchange online about the issue
Unfortunately, most of those "419" scams actually do originate in Nigeria, despite the fact that they are named after an article of the Nigerian penal code under which they are supposed to be prosecuted. The scammers are rarely arrested.