Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Once We are Married, My Body is for his eyes only" British model converts to Islam for fiance

A British model and mother who has made a name for herself by nearly baring all in the pages of various magazines is giving up her career to become a muslim wife in Tunisia. 

She has said that “meeting Mohammed has made me really look at my life.” She was referring to her Tunisian lifeguard boyfriend Mohammed Salah. 

Well Dude is cute. That's for sure

The two met while Watts was vacationing in Salah’s native Tunisia in April, when, Watts explained, every man flirted with her except for Salah.
“I saw it as a challenge,” she told the Sun. “I went over one day and asked him his name. His English wasn’t very good so at first we spoke in a mixture of English and what little French I remember from school. We went for a walk on the beach together and things developed from there, but all we did on the first trip was have a kiss.” She went back to visit him three weeks later and they soon fell in love.
So in October, the model says, she and her 2-year-old daughter, Alanah, will move from Norfolk to Monastir, in Tunisia, where she will convert to Islam before marrying Salah in the spring.

In Tunisia, the divide between secularists and Islamists has widened since the ouster of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali more than two years ago. The role of Islam has grown in Tunisian society and been included in a new constitution, but the divisions are seen as less severe than in countries such as Egypt.

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