Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Expansion of the YouTube Partner Program to Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda.

You can Now Monetize your videos from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda. 

Rewarding content producers for their work on YouTube is really important to us. When we launched local YouTube domains in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal, one of our goals was to help raise the profile of content producers from these countries. We've been amazed at the quality and creativity of their original content. From P-Square’s Beautiful Onyinye, which generated over 1 million views in the first week of release, to Journal Rapp√©Kulahappy andThatIgboChick, African content producers are generating some of the most creatively diverse content on YouTube.

To help them take their work to the next level, we are pleased to announce the expansion of theYouTube Partner Program to Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda.

The YouTube Partner Program is our way of helping content creators earn money from their videos. These partners earn money from their work by allowing ads to run alongside individual videos, thereby generating revenue.  So, whether you are a young animator in college, a seasoned makeup artist looking to showcase your work to a wider audience, or an independent movie producer waiting for your big break, the YouTube Partner Program could be a rewarding opportunity for you.

Interested in becoming a partner? All you need to do is sign-up your YouTube account for the partner program and have at least one video enabled for advertising. Don’t forget to review theterms of service and opting in your account. For additional information on the YouTube Partner Program, take a look at our FAQs.

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